Duel of Destiny #1 - Results

The winner of the Duel of Destiny with a total score of 6 seconds is...


... Dreamer!

Sorry Nick, but you have been eliminated, throw your buff in the fire on your way out.

Congratulations Dreamer, you have been reincarnated in the game! Now, pick a Karma Card between these ten. *Dreamer picks Karma Card  #8* Now, give this card to one of your old tribemates. *Dreamer gives it to Sami* The disadvantage is... Exile! The player that has this card will be exiled before their next tribal and cannot talk to other players about the vote. Sami, this means that when your tribe will lose an immunity challenge, you'll be exiled and you'll return for tribal council.

Now, pick a tribe you want to be in. *Dreamer picks Hara* Congratulations Hara, you have a new tribemate!

You guys can head back to camp.