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• 11/23/2016

The Final Tribal Council

Melissa, Danielle, Aishia... welcome to your Final Tribal Council.

Melissa FinaleAishia FinaleDanielle Finale

Let's bring in the jury...


Dreamer, Caleb, Dylan, Tyler, Tamsyn, Emilee, Grahame... and Sami, who was voted out at the last tribal council.

Well, Melissa, Aishia, Danielle, first off, congratulations! You have done what 15 others in this game could not do- survive 19 votes and make it to day 39.

For most of this game, you have had your fate in your own hands, but tonight, that will change. The power now shifts to the jury, a group of 8 people who you have all had a hand (either directly or indirectly) in voting out. These 8 people will now decide your fate in this game, as they will be voting for who they most want to see WIN.

Here's how this will work: each of you will create your own thread and make an opening statement to the jury as to why you deserve to win the title of Sole Survivor (and to the jury, we ask that you please wait to post your speeches until all 3 finalists are done with their's).

Once the finalists have posted their speeches, the jury may make their own threads to post their speeches. They may ask questions and make any comments they would like to make to help them decide who they want to see win.

Since the FTC is going to run into Thanksgiving we're going to be giving you guys until FRIDAY to send in your jury votes, so you have three entire days to deliberate and decide who you are voting for. The vote reveal and reunion will take place on Saturday!

You guys may post your opening speeches whenever you're ready, and we'll begin!
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• 11/24/2016
I vote for Melissa to win
• 11/24/2016
You musnt post it here Tam
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