"Paranoia Is My Friend"
Season Survivor: India - Reincarnation Island
Episode Number 3/13
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This is the 3rd episode of Survivor: India - Reincarnation Island.

Previously On Survivor...Edit

Previously on… Survivor: Dreamer won the Duel of Destiny (Probst: “DREAMER WINS THE DUEL AND REENTERS THE GAME!”), gave a disadvantage to Sami and reincarnated into Hara (Dylan to Dreamer: “Welcome to your new tribe!”), where Aishia, Danielle and Emilee were the core three (Aishia to Danielle and Emilee: “Us three girls are tight”).

On Shakti, Bryce was still playing both sides and creating his web of lies (Bryce to Caleb: “Do not worry at all, you're not next” Bryce in a confessional: “Survivor is literally the most fun thing ever!”) while the Fearsome Fivesome was still going strong. (Hanna to Grahame: “Aishia, Emilee and Bryce came to me wanting to do a cross-tribal alliance.”)

After Hara won immunity for the second time in a row, Aatma had to choose between Freddy and Miles (Grahame to Hanna and Tamsyn: “We just gotta make the right decision.”) while Shakti settled on targeting Caleb (Bryce in a confessional: “Caleb will be leaving tonight”).

At Tribal Council, Hanna exploded on Freddy (Hanna at Tribal Council: “Freddy is the most delusional person I’ve ever met”) as he was voted out (Probst: “Freddy, the tribe has spoken.”) while in Shakti’s Tribal Council,  Bryce threw his vote at Gregory as Caleb got sent to Reincarnation Island. (Probst: “Caleb, the tribe has spoken.”)

Seventeen are left, including two in Reincarnation Island. Who will be voted out tonight?


Duel of Destiny: Over-Extended
Competitors will each place a wooden totem on top of a pole. At regular intervals, they will add another section of pole, making it more unstable. If the totem falls off, they are out of the duel, and will be out of the game for good.
Winner: Caleb

Reward/Immunity Challenge: Octopus' Garden
One member from each tribe at a time will dive to a buoy in the water.  They will dive down to a series of buoys submerged at different levels.  The first buoy would be 1 meter underwater, the second 2, and so on. Once all the buoys have been brought back to the platform, they will shoot the buoys into a basket out in the ocean. The first two tribes to get all their buoys in the basket win immunity.
Winner: Hara
Reward: Blankets, pillows, a tarp, a rope, a lantern.


Night 6 Edit

One World Camp Edit

We can see the Aatma and Shakti tribes coming back from Tribal Council, as the camera focuses on the orange tribe settling in their camp.

Melissa: Who voted Greg?

Bryce: I voted Caleb, I don't know about y'all.

Melissa: Well, obviously if I asked who voted Greg then I voted Caleb.

The camera shows everyone not knowing what to say then zooms in on Bryce’s face.

BryceIndiaRI I threw my vote at Gregory because I wanted to pin the blame on Sami and Melissa. I can use that to take myself and Gregory out of the limelight and ensure that either one of these two will go home. I’m going to tell Melissa it's Sami and Sami that it's Melissa so that I can be the swing vote and the decision maker. (smirks)”

The camera now shows a conversation between Sami and Bryce on a excluded part of the beach.

Sami: Can you explain to me what happened at Tribal? I don’t care if you voted for somebody else as long as you tell me the truth.

Bryce (lying): I have no idea what happened. I voted for Caleb, Melissa must have flipped and tried to vote Gregory.

Sami: Alright, I believe you.

SamiIndiaRI I’m definitely wary of Bryce. I don’t know what happened at Tribal and who voted for Gregory but I haven’t trusted Bryce since Day 1. So, I’m gonna have to stay on my toes the next couple of days because things are gonna get crazy around here. (bites lip)”

The intro now plays.

Day 7Edit

One World Camp Edit

The sun rises on the Indian beach, as all the castaways wake up. The camera shows us Miles in the shelter looking at Grahame tending to the fire.

MilesIndiaRI Freddy went home, not a surprise. I know I am going next because I’m the weakest, and the only thing I have right now is the fact that Hanna completely blew up last Tribal Council, which could sway some people on my side.”

We can now see Miles sitting close to Grahame and starting a conversation.

Miles: Last Tribal was… something.

Grahame: Indeed. I’m glad we got rid of Freddy.

Miles: So am I, but did you see how Hanna behaved? That was crazy.

Grahame (nodding): As much as Freddy’s annoying, it’s true that Hanna was a bit cruel.

GrahameIndiaRI I do like Miles a lot, he’s a bit weak but he’s a nice kid! I’ve been aligned with Hanna and I’ve noticed she has a bit of a short temper. I mean, if she blew up on someone Night 6, then I wonder what she’s gon’ do Night 36! (chuckles) So, I’m a bit worried ‘bout her.”

Duel of Destiny Edit

Duel of Destiny #2
Caleb Smythe
Freddy Fazbear
Freddy Fazbear
Caleb Smythe
  • Both castaways manage to hold balance for a while.
  • 1 hour in, the two men are getting really tired.
  • 30 minutes later, one of Freddy’s totems falls, giving Caleb the win.


Caleb sighs, relieved, as Freddy shakes his head. The tribes applaud his victory.

We can now see the two duelists in front of the host.

Probst: Freddy, how do you feel right now?

Freddy: Disappointed. I expected more from this adventure, but I guess this is not my type of people.

Hanna rolls her eyes.

Probst: Alright, you have been officially eliminated, throw your buff in the fire and head out.

Freddy does just that, as the castaways wave him goodbye.

Probst: Congratulations Caleb, you have been reincarnated in the game! (Caleb grins) Now, you can choose a Karma Card between these ten.

Caleb: I’m choosing number 3, Jeff. (takes the card)

Probst: Who are you giving it to?

Caleb: Sami.

Sami groans and takes the card.

Probst: Sami, you can now read what your disadvantage is.

Sami (reading): The disadvantage is the Vote Nullifier! If a person is given this card, they cannot vote at the next tribal they go to.

Probst: Sami, that means you won't be able to vote at the next Tribal Council you go to.

Sami’ shakes her head and sighs, as Caleb shrugs.

Probst: Now, Caleb, pick the tribe you want to be in.

Caleb: I’m joining Hara.

Grahame is a bit surprised, but shrugs it off.

Probst: Alright, here’s your buff. (throws Hara buff to Caleb) Congratulations Hara, you have a new tribemate!

Caleb puts his new buff and joins his new tribe, who seems more than happy.

Probst: You guys can head back to camp.

One World Camp Edit

We can see the Hara tribe coming back to their shelter, where they welcome once again a new tribemate. Dreamer is seen especially happy as she hugs Caleb.

DreamorIndiaRI I’m so happy Caleb came back and I’m even more happy he gave a disadvantage to Sami! I pray pray pray that the Shakti tribe will grow a brain and vote out that stupid bimbo! ”

Caleb is seen hugging other people, as the camera focuses on him.

CalebIndiaRI (grinning) I’m so happy I won and came back into the game! Being voted off was awful and Sami lying to me and saying I was going to stay really pissed me off, so that’s why I gave her the disadvantage. I chose to join Hara because, well, they’re obviously the stronger tribe and I wanted someone like Dreamer, who I’ve already worked with, to be with me. I did tell Grahame I was gonna join his tribe, so I’m gonna have to explain that.”

The view now takes us to a conversation between Caleb and Grahame in the forest.

Grahame: Good luck on Hara, Caleb. (smiles)

Caleb: Thanks, man! I would've come to your tribe, but I thought it'd be smarter if I went on a tribe with someone who I'd already worked with.

Grahame: Understandable, you gotta do what's best for you anyway.

GrahameIndiaRI Caleb really surprised me with his decision to join Hara. I mean, I can't really blame him since Hara is by far the most dominant tribe, but still, I was kind of lookin' forward to workin' with him. The weirdest part is that he seemed like he was happy to join our tribe when I was talkin' to him so now I'm just really confused. I have an odd feeling about him now, so for the time being, I'm probably goin' to trust my other allies over him.”

The scene now switches to a conversation between Hanna and Sami at the water well.

HannaIndiaRI Bryce was supposed to talk to Sami for her to join our alliance, but nothing happened. So, I figured I should talk to her.”

Hanna: So, I wanted to talk to you about something important.

Sami: What is it?

Hanna: I formed this cross-tribal alliance with Grahame, Emilee, Aishia and Bryce, and we needed a sixth from Shakti, and I know you have an alliance with Bryce so that's why I want you to join us.

Sami (grinning): I'd love to! All these people seem super sweet!  This sounds totally awesome. Plus, I need some friends as you can tell.  I don't know why I'm being ganged up on, it's kinda lonely.

Hanna nods.

HannaIndiaRI As predicted, Sami totally wants to be a part of our alliance. With her wrapped around my finger, I now fully control this game. (smirks)”

Sami and Hanna continues to talk, as the camera zooms in on Sami’s face.

SamiIndiaRI It’s really sucky that people keep giving me these disadvantages, and I know that it’s just gonna keep happening, but I have a strategy. There’s really not much I can do about it happening, so what I'm doing now, is play the victim to all the people I’ve been talking to, and I think it worked well so far since I’ve been included in this cross-tribal alliance! (grins) I am a bit worried though, since I was the last one added to the alliance, so I’m gonna keep this card under the table for now, but if I ever get a bad feeling from them, I’m snitching. (smirks)”

We can now see the Hara shelter, where Timmy, Aishia and Tyler are resting. The latter then gets up.

Tyler: I’m gonna try to get some fish.

Timmy: Alright, good luck.

Tyler picks up the fishing kit, but a piece of parchment falls from it. Tyler quickly catches it and quickly realizes it’s an idol clue. He takes a look at his two tribemates, who aren’t facing him.

TylerIndiaRI This afternoon, I found an idol clue in the fishing kit. I’d love to read it now and search for the idol, but with sixteen people in one island, it’s way too risky to do it at day. So, I’m gonna wait until tomorrow morning when everyone will be sleeping, and I’ll look for it hard.”

A view of the sun setting is then shown.

Day 8Edit

One World Camp Edit

It’s dawn when Tyler gets up from his tribe’s shelter. He notices everyone sleeping as he goes in the forest to read his clue.

Tyler (reading): Next to the water, where there is no filter, a hole in the wall, will be your precious goal.

Tyler begins to walk in direction to the water well.

TylerIndiaRI This morning, I woke up fairly early to get this done and find this damn idol. The clue said something about a water filter and I immediately thought of the water well. ”

We can see Tyler arriving to the water well, where he looks for the idol, until he discovers a pond a bit further away. He goes in it, until he sees a wall full of holes. He puts his hand in few of them, until he reaches a closed package.

Tyler: Oh my God, yes! (grins)

TylerIndiaRI When I saw that wall, I knew the idol was in one of those holes. I put my hands in every single one of them, until I found it. The hidden immunity idol! (laughs) My paranoia can finally go down a little and feel super safe. Gonna keep the idol to myself, might tell my allies down the line but I can't give my tribemates a reason to see me as a target early on in the game. When the merge time comes I am ready to use this baby on the two other tribes. (grins)”

We can now see the sun rising as the castaways finally wake up. The camera now shows us a conversation between Melissa and Bryce in the forest.

Melissa: Who did you vote for in the end?

Bryce (lying): I voted for Caleb.

Melissa: So did I.

Bryce: It has to be Sami then, she needs to go.

Melissa (a bit annoyed): How about we just try and win the challenge?

Bryce: That of course is Plan A. (grins) I just want us to be able to agree about Sami so we don't have to worry about it after the challenge if we lose.

Melissa (suspicious): I would like to know why she flipped on our four.

Bryce: Why do you think? Personally, I am shocked about it. I thought she was solid

Melissa: It’s obvious that Caleb and Dreamer are together, and they both gave her their punishments, so why would she flip?

Bryce (shrugging): Caleb and Dreamer were pretty crazy.

Melissa doesn’t seem really convinced.

MelIndiaRI Bryce’s telling me he voted Caleb last Tribal Council and I think he’s lying because Caleb gave a disadvantage to Sami, and why would he do that if she didn’t vote against him? This story is just way too confusing and I’m gonna have to figure some things out.”

We can now see Sami and Melissa walking on the beach.

Melissa: Who did you vote for last Tribal?

Sami: I voted for Caleb. I wanna get cleared up, I don't mind if you voted for somebody else I just wanna know.

Melissa (frowning): Seriously? I am the one who asked who voted for Greg when we came back.

Sami: Right.

Melissa: Do you think Bryce did? Cause he is saying you did.

Sami (surprised): He is saying I did? He said you did, this is bad.

Melissa (chuckling): Why would I even ask which one of you did if I voted for Greg? I've been 100% honest.

Sami (nodding): I believe you, did he really say I did?

Melissa: Yeah, I didn't believe him for a second and the fact that he wanted to throw you under the bus was a red flag which is why I came to you.

Sami (smiling): Thanks so much! I honestly thought he seemed kinda shady also and I’m so glad you told me. What if you and Gregory vote for Bryce? Then we have a happy ending.

Melissa: That’d be perfect.

MelIndiaRI So Bryce tried the old playing both sides thing and told Sami that I must have voted for Greg, and told me that Sami must have voted for Greg. That only works if no one actually talks to each other so needless to say - Bryce is now in big sh*t up to his eyeballs.”

Melissa and Sami heads back to camp, as the camera focuses on the latter’s face.

SamiIndiaRI I thought Bryce and I were cool, but he turned on us last Tribal and then lied about it, and Melissa told me it was him and that he was gunning for me to go! So Melissa and Gregory are gonna vote him out, while I sit pretty and watch them do it! (smirks)”

The view now shows the sun setting then rising above the challenge site.

Day 9Edit

Immunity Challenge Edit

  • Dylan, Caleb, Danielle and Emilee sit out for Hara.
  • Hara and Shakti quickly take the lead, with Aatma falling behind because of his struggling in the water.
  • Aishia and Melissa begin to throw the buoys, while Aatma is still diving.
  • Aatma finally catches up, as Grahame begins to throw, while Aishia is taking the lead.
  • Melissa is starting to get tired, allowing Grahame to pass her up.
  • But it’s too late, as Aishia throws the last buoy in the basket.


Hara celebrate once again, while the other tribes are even more crushed.

Probst then gives the Immunity Idol, the pillows and the blanket to the winning tribe, and then send them back to camp.

One World Camp Edit

We can see the three tribes coming back, as the camera shows us the Shakti tribe settling down, then focuses on Bryce’s face.

BryceIndiaRI Ugh, this sucks. We just lost another challenge, damn it! We try and try and try and try yet we can't seem to overcome the unstoppable force known as Hara. I think that it's really clear that the Survivors gods have it out for us because nothing is going our way. My vote against Gregory last Tribal is causing a lot of paranoia and animosity between Melissa and Sami. And paranoia is my friend! I think the vote tonight is definitely down between them. On one hand, I have no reason to distrust Sami. She is so nice and would probably never try and make a move against me. However, she is a jury threat. On the other hand, I can tell that Melissa is a good strategist. She will try and make thousands of moves. Though, Melissa is also a good ally. So, I’m gonna have to make a decision.”

The camera now shows us a conversation between Bryce and Sami in the jungle.

Bryce: So, with your Karma Card you can't vote, so I think Gregory and I should just vote out Melissa because she clearly flipped.

Sami: I wanted Melissa gone anyway because Gregory is sort of a goat so therefore he’s better to keep.

Bryce: Okay, I’ll talk to him about blindsiding her.

Sami nods.

SamiIndiaRI So, I’m a little worried about tonight. I know I would be fine if I could vote, but this disadvantage is sort of screwing me over. I was going to vote with Bryce tonight, to vote out Melissa, because he told me that she was the one who voted Gregory. But then, Melissa told me she voted for Caleb and that Bryce was telling her I voted Gregory, which means that Bryce lied to me! So, Mel and I are together now, and Bryce is gonna go tonight, if we can get Gregory to vote with her. I don’t want to get too involved though, because Bryce is in the cross-tribal alliance and I don’t want to get the blame if the plan doesn’t work.”

We can now see Bryce and Gregory talking on the beach.

Bryce: Okay, so Gregory, Sami and I have decided that we want Melissa out at the next tribal. We need your vote.

Gregory: I mean, sure, if she’s the one who voted against me then she needs to go.

Bryce (nodding): Exactly.

GregoryIndiaRI I have no problem writing down Melissa’s name tonight, because she flipped last Tribal Council and voted for me, so I clearly can’t trust her.”

We can now see Melissa and Sami talking in the shelter.

Melissa: Bryce absolutely needs to go tonight.

Sami: Yep, you need to convince Greg to vote with you.

Melissa nods and then stands up.

MelIndiaRI I plan on voting for Bryce, he’s probably gonna vote for me so I need to convince Greg because Sami can't vote. Best case - Greg choses the right side and actually votes with me - worst case he votes with Bryce and send me home.”

We are now shown Melissa talking to Gregory near the beach.

Melissa: So who are you voting for?

Gregory (hesitant): Um… Probably you since you voted against me last Tribal.

Melissa (straight to the point): Bryce is lying, he voted for you last Tribal and he is trying to blame me and Sami. I voted for Caleb and so did she, he told Sami I voted for you and he told me that Sami voted for you. Sami can’t vote this round, so we have to vote Bryce.

Gregory (shocked): Okay… wow.

GregoryIndiaRI I was completely shocked to learn that Bryce was the one who voted for me, he’s like my closest ally out here. I don’t know who to trust and who to believe, I mean, Melissa could’ve said that just to save herself, I don’t know. I have a big decision in my hands tonight, and I’m gonna do my best to not screw it up.”

The scene now changes to the Aatma shelter, where the whole tribe except Miles is present, as the camera zooms in on Hanna’s face.

HannaIndiaRI Tonight, we’re going to Tribal Council, again. (groans) Miles obviously has to go, he’s weak and useless and not a part of our alliance. Bye, we won’t miss you! (waves and smirks)”

Tamsyn: So, Miles tonight, right?

Hanna: Well, duh.

Grahame rolls his eyes as Hanna turns her back.

GrahameIndiaRI Hanna is gettin’ a bit annoyin’, I know Miles is weak but at the same time the girl’s really controllin’! She’s my ally but maybe I’d rather have someone nice around camp than her! I’ve gotta think it through and think what’s best for me, ‘cause I don’t wanna waste my chances.”

We can see a shot of Miles then the two tribes heading to Tribal Council.

Tribal Council 1 Edit

We can see Shakti coming to Tribal Council, sitting in front of the host.

Probst: Melissa, from an outsider's perspective, this tribe has been, well... a disorganized mess. (The tribe laughs) Two crazy votes within the first two rounds. Do you think there's a singular reason for all of this?

Melissa (chuckling): This is a joke, to be honest. But, I feel like one person is responsible for all this and they’re gonna get what’s coming for them tonight.

Both Sami and Bryce nod.

Probst: Gregory, for the last two Tribal Councils, you have consistently been targeted, and have received votes, but you've still survived. Do you think you can survive again, despite seemingly being constantly targeted?

Gregory: I certainly hope so! But I feel like tonight, the roles will be reversed and I’ll get to be in the power decision.

Probst: Bryce, do you think everyone on this tribe is getting along fine?

Bryce: I think we're just one big happy family! We were able to get out the weeds of our tribe in the first two votes of this game. I think this vote will be especially hard because we are all friendly with each other.

Sami and Melissa roll their eyes.

Probst: Sami, you've now received a second disadvantage; this time, you can't vote. Are you worried that you're especially vulnerable due to this?

Sami: I am worried, but I trust my friends and I hope that the votes still fall in my favor tonight.  

Probst: Alright, it is time to vote. Melissa, you’re up.

BryceIndiaRI (voting against Melissa) I think I can trust Sami more than I can trust Melissa, and all you have in this game is trust.”

Probst: Alright, I’ll go tally the votes.

Probst goes take the urn, as Gregory watches on silently.

Probst: If anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it, now would be the time do so.

No one stands.

Probst: I’ll read the votes. First vote…


Melissa rolls her eyes, as Bryce smirks.

BRYCE (1-1)

Bryce’s eyes widen, as he’s completely shocked.

Fifth person voted out of Survivor: India - Reincarnation Island:...

Gregory looks at Probst, confident in his decision.

BRYCE (2-1)

Bryce’s jaw drops, as the hashtag #Blindside appears at the bottom of the screen. Melissa smirks.

Probst: I need you to bring me your torch.

Bryce stands up, still flabbergasted, as Gregory nods.

Probst: Bryce, the tribe has spoken. Take your torch and head to Reincarnation Island.

Bryce does just that and leaves.

Probst: Well, in what appears to be another blindside, you guys have proven that on this tribe, no one is safe. With that in mind, the three of you can head back to camp. Goodnight.

The tribe leaves, as the Aatma tribe arrives.

Tribal Council 2 Edit

The white tribe settles down in front of the host.

Probst: Tamsyn, you guys put in a good effort in the challenge today, and came one buoy away from winning, but you still couldn't pull it off. However, do you think this shows that you guys can still make a comeback?

Tamsyn: Definitely! I mean, we are the underdogs, and I think we can definitely rise to the top.

Grahame nods.

Probst: Hanna, has a core alliance formed on this tribe?

Hanna: Obviously! We had two weak people so we had to form an alliance to keep the tribe strong, and we have to stay loyal.

Miles bites his lip.

Probst: Miles, as the tribe dwindles in numbers, there become fewer and fewer places to hide. Knowing this, do you think your name could be brought up for the vote tonight?

Miles: I am almost sure my name will be brought into this. I didn't do the best in the challenge today so that could really hurt my game tonight.

Hanna nods.

Probst: Grahame, when asked what's the strategy for the vote, one would normally say that they're voting based on what's best for the tribe, or based on who's better at challenges. But you guys have voted out both of your outsiders, and yet Hara still wasn't beaten! Do you have to start looking at other criteria for the vote now?

Grahame: In a way, yes, we do have to start looking at who we feel closer too, but to be honest, I feel close to each and every one of these people, so no matter what I'm losing somebody that I don't want to go, whether that be someone I like, or even myself.

Probst: Alright, it is time to vote. Hanna, you’re up.

No voting confessionals are shown.

Probst: I’ll go tally the votes.

Miles seems nervous, as Probst comes back with the urn.

Probst: If anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it, now would be the time do so.

No one stands.

Probst: I’ll read the votes. First vote…


Hanna smirks, not really caring.

MILES (1-1)

Miles bites his lip.

MILES (2-1)

Miles twitches, as Grahame looks straight to Probst.

Sixth person voted of Survivor India:... Miles.

Miles sighs, then nods, while Hanna shrugs.

Probst: I need you to bring me your torch.

Grahame seems a bit sad.

Probst: Miles, the tribe has spoken. Take your torch and head to Reincarnation Island.

Miles nods, and does just that.

Probst: Well, the three of you are now the last three on your tribe. Things seem bleak, but you almost had a comeback today, so don't give up hope! You never know when something might come around and twist the game up. You can head back to camp, goodnight.

The Aatma tribe leaves, as the credits roll out.

Tribal Council- AatmaEdit

Tribal Council #1:
Miles (3 votes)
Grahame, Hanna, Tamsyn
Hanna (1 vote)
Sent to Reincarnation Island:
Miles Horsetta

Tribal Council- ShaktiEdit

Tribal Council #1:
Bryce (2 votes)
Gregory, Mel
Melissa (1 vote)
Sent to Reincarnation Island:
Bryce Bricington

Final Words Edit

FreddyIndiaRI I'm so sad to leave this early, I had so much more to prove. I don't understand why my tribe voted me out, I was strong, nice and a good cooker! Oh... well that's maybe why they voted me out, because I was a triple threat!”

Still in the RunningEdit


Next Time on Survivor...Edit

Author's NotesEdit

  • The title was said by Bryce when he why Melissa and Sami going after each other was good for his game.
  • Sorry about the lack of Hara content this episode, but none of the Hara content in the doc was essential to the story (well except Tyler finding an idol) so I had to cut it short.
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