For many years, up until this day, the tribes of the Kalahari Desert have been quintessential hunter-gatherers, hunting wildlife, and gathering edible fruits, berries, and whatever they can find in order to survivor.

Your first challenge pays homage to this feature of the Kalahari.

You will select three members of the tribe to be “hunters” and five members to be “gatherers”.

Each of the two roles has separate rules as follows.

Gatherers: can collect food every 20 minutes (this is worth 5 points) by posting "(collects a basket of food)"- you will be provided with a hangout for each tribe individually to gather (this means you will not know how the other tribe is performing)- ONLY the gatherers will be allowed in the chat.

Hunters: At regular but random intervals a wild animal will appear, if you are the first to hunt it, by posting "(spears the animal)" you earn 20 points for your tribe. This will be a combined chat for the 3 hunters from each tribe (where you may NOT communicate with either your own tribe or the opposing tribe, you may ONLY post to “hunt”)

The tribe with the most points at the end of 24 hours will win immunity.

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