Welcome to Tribal Council, San.

Before you all vote, I have a few questions for you. 

Aaliyah: How do you feel about your tribe so far? 

 Tee: The first tribal council is often an important moment of a season. What goes into this vote for you?

Katrina: What would you say is the most important trait to have in these early days of the game? 

Heidi: What has the vibe of this tribe been like? Do you feel like you're fitting in?

June: Do you think people have been focusing much on strategy and alliance-building so far? Or has this tribe been taking things slowly?

Solana: Are you nervous at all going into this tribal? 

Queue: What would Madonna say to all this?


We ask that you vote on the parchment below! 

If you're unsure how to vote on the parchment, ask a host for assistance, and if necessary we will make one for you (be warned, however, it WILL be in boring Times New Roman 12-point font, so if you want your parchment to not look like an English paper, you should make your own!)


Please send in your votes by 8:00 PM EST tomorrow (Thursday, March 28th), or you will receive a self-vote and a strike.

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