Before we start the reunion, I obviously have to give a HUGE congratulations to Danielle, for being the first ever winner of the FORG series! You played an amazing game, well done!

This is where the reunion will take place, here's what we have planned for y'all

  • Marie and I (and maybe Ezra, he's not very good at this kind of thing) will post our post-season ~bullet points~, which contain our general thoughts on the season and the castaways!
  • You guys can ask us any questions about the season and we will happily answer them. 
  • We'll post the season documents below, as well as any miscellaneous docs that we have, like our pre-season prediction game, Ponderosa, and my cast assessment! 
  • We'll put up polls for the Hero/Villain/Player of the Season awards, which you guys get to vote on!
  • Finally, we'll reveal the logo and location for season TWO of the FORG! #Hype

Generally, though, this is just where we can have fun and talk about the season now that it's over! I'll post my bullet points below in just a few minutes, but for now, you guys can just talk about whatever you would like and read the docs! 

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