It has come to my understanding that we are likely to see users who have never played in a FORG-like ORG in the past, so I wanted to dedicate a portion of this post so all can understand how this game will work.

First - the masks. The masks "twist" is a way to conceal the identity of each player so that alliances are not formed on the basis of real-life friendships. Talking about the user behind yourself or another player is strictly forbidden, with the exception of speculating in your private confessionals. We want to ensure all have a fair shot to win the game and there are no alliances based on groups of friends playing the game together.

Second - the function of the game. Survivor: Uxmal - Ruins of the Maya will take place entirely on your Google account. Once you are cast onto the season, you will make an email for your character with the following format: (or, as a practical example, It is vital that you create this account immediately, your tribe and your game depends on it! Players will communicate with their tribe members through Google Hangouts chats. ALL chats must include the hosts so that we can collect your conversations to use when a fanon of this season is written. Don't rob yourself of screentime! Aaron and I will likely create a joint email before this season begins. Challenges will take place in group hangouts chats created by the hosts in order to keep the identity of the players hidden. When a contestant casts a vote, they will tell the host through google hangouts or an e-mail. A vote may be changed as many times as desired until the deadline. The same applies for idol plays or advantage plays.

Third - timezones. On the application, we are collecting timezones in order to make the deadline for events fair for all. Events occur in 24 hour cycles and will follow the same deadline every day. For example, an immunity challenge begins 5 PM EST on Wednesday. It ends 5 PM EST on Thursday. The losing tribe must cast their vote by 5 PM EST on Friday. We will gather timezones to try to make this deadline time as fair as possible. We understand we have players from all around the globe, so we apologize in advance for the inconvenience that may be caused on certain timezones.

Fourth - Mangatars. Your character for this season can be yourself or a completely original character - but just remember that masks are in place so your user's identity is concealed. To make your avatar for the season, create an account on and then create your avatar. Save the avatar and publish it to your account. To retrieve the link to your Mangatar, go to your account page and click on your avatar under the "My Mangatars" header. An example and what the URL should look like is this: . When you create your Mangatar it is vital that the background is a solid color or transparent. The backgrounds will be removed by the hosts if you do not do so yourself, and it is much easier to remove a solid background than one with a setting.

Lastly, the application has been updated to help clarify some of the things we are looking for. Aaron and I are both very excited for this season and we hope you will enjoy what we have to bring for you all. 

Here is the new application link:

Please comment below or contact me at if you have any questions.

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