"You Have Negative Brain Points"
Season Survivor: India - Reincarnation Island
Episode Number 5/13
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This is the 5th episode of Survivor: India - Reincarnation Island.

Previously On Survivor...Edit

Previously on… Survivor: The tribes were swapped (Probst: “Everybody drop your buffs!”), Bryce won the Duel of Destiny (Probst: “BRYCE WINS THE DUEL AND REENTERS THE GAME!”), reincarnated into Shakti and gave a disadvantage to Gregory (Gregory: “If a tribe is given this card, the next time they go to tribal council, they will have to vote out two people instead of one.”). 

On Shakti, Bryce, Caleb and Grahame aligned (Bryce: “I really like Grahame, he seems like a good guy.” Caleb: “I think that sounds good.”). On Hara, Hanna was targeting Ryan (Hanna in a confessional: “I don’t trust Ryan at all. I want them gone.”) so Ryan spilled the beans about the Fearsome Sixsome to Danielle (Ryan to Danielle: “So it includes so far Bryce, Aishia, Grahame, Emilee, Hanna, and me.”) while on Aatma, Tyler and Aishia aligned with Melissa (Melissa in a confessional: “I think us two and Aishia can be strong.”)

After Shakti won immunity, Hanna blew up on Emilee (Hanna to Emilee: “Shut up!”) while Tamsyn tried to convince Tyler and Aishia to turn on Melissa (Tamsyn to Aishia: “Someone told me she betrayed her closest ally.”).

At Tribal Council, Hanna got voted out unanimously (Probst: “Hanna, the tribe has spoken.”) while at Aatma’s Tribal Council,  Aishia and Tyler flipped and Melissa was blindsided. (Probst: “Melissa, the tribe has spoken.”)

Fifteen are left, including two in Reincarnation Island. Who will be voted out tonight?


Duel of Destiny: Block It Out
The castaways would bounce four blocks along a rope tunnel to retrieve them. The blocks would then need to be stacked so that one color didn't show more than once on each column. The first castaway to solve their puzzle would remain in the game.
Winner: Melissa

Reward/Immunity Challenge: Mazed and Confused
One player retrieves water with a bucket and toss it to another player who tosses it unto another bucket in a teeter-totter. Once that bucket is full, it will release a ball. The last player should put the ball in the center of a spinning vertical maze, and use two ropes to spin the maze until the ball is out of it. The first two tribes to finish win immunity and reward.
Winner: Hara
Reward: Spices and coffee.


Night 12 Edit

One World Camp Edit

We can see the two tribes coming back to camp, as the Shakti tribe watches on. Bryce and Grahame seem shocked that Hanna’s gone. We can then see them approach Aishia, Emilee and Ryan on the beach.

BryceIndiaRI So, I was riding a pretty good high after winning my first immunity challenge in the game. It was nice to sit back, relax, and let everyone else kill each other. That high lasted a whole two hours until Hanna got voted out!”

Grahame: What the hell happened guys?

Emilee: Hanna tried to turn on Ryan, and when I tried to talk her out of it, she told me to shut up.

Grahame (shocked): What the hell? That's messed up.

Aishia shakes her head.

Emilee: (sighs) Gosh, this shouldn't have happened in the first place, I'm sorry, guys…

Grahame hugs her, as the camera focuses on him. 

GrahameIndiaRI So Hanna got voted out tonight which shocked me at first. I thought that having three members of the cross-tribe alliance together, they'd all be safe, but lo-and-behold, things did not go according to plan. Apparently, Hanna was goin' behind everybody's backs and trying to get Ryan out, which surprises me. However, I do somewhat trust my alliance, so hopefully we'll be able to move forward five-strong without her.”

Grahame: Well, I'm glad you got rid of her then.

Ryan: I am still confused as to why people keep wanting me out. It makes me sad because I really haven't done anything.

SamiIndiaRI I’m telling the cross-tribal I’m with them but I’m just playing them. I’ve never been able to trust them and my true loyalty lies with Danielle. I need to create my own cross-tribal alliance to counter theirs, and with a mole in their army, they’re bound to fail. (smirks)”

The intro then plays.

Day 13Edit

Reincarnation Island Edit

A shot of Melissa trying to make fire is shown, while Hanna is waking up. She says hi to the blonde lady while the camera zooms in on her.

HannaIndiaRI I had control but I lost everything. These guys completely blindsided me and it feels awful to not be in control for the first time in my life. I don’t blame Ryan because I was targeting them. I don’t blame Timmy because I never talked to him. I don’t blame Emilee because I yelled at her and that was a stupid emotional decision from me, and I don’t do this usually. But I guess the hunger, the exhaustion and the fear of losing control got to me. I do blame Danielle though, because we had formed a pact and she flipped on me for no reason, so I’m giving her the Karma Card if I win that Duel.”

Hanna: This was the worst night of my life

Melissa: Same.

Melissa strikes the flint and is able to make fire.

MelIndiaRI I’m not sad I got voted out, I’m pissed. I’m pissed Aishia and Tyler aligned with me then turned on me for no reason. I respect honesty in this game and those two are bonafide liars and I’ll never trust them again. This is actually pushing me and giving me strength to come back in the game, get my revenge and go all the way to the end.”

The two women are then seen picking up their bags and heading to the arena.

Duel of Destiny Edit

Duel of Destiny #4
Melissa T.
Hanna Sachiko
Hanna Sachiko
Melissa T.
  • Melissa is faster at retrieving the blocks, but Hanna is on her tail.
  • Melissa is the first to get on the puzzle, but has some trouble.
  • Hanna catches up, and is trying to solve the puzzle.
  • Melissa gets it before her and wins the duel.


Melissa gets on her knees and yells out “Yes!”, as Hanna congratulates her. Aishia is seen shaking her head while Danielle grins.

We can now see the two duelists in front of the host.

Probst: Hanna, how do you feel right now?

Hanna: I’m actually fine. Getting voted out was rough, because I lost control for the first time in my life, but it’s actually been freeing in a way. This experience taught me a lot. (smiles)

Probst: Alright, you have been officially eliminated, throw your buff in the fire and head out.

Hanna does just that, as the castaways wave her goodbye.

Probst: Congratulations Melissa, you have been reincarnated in the game! (Melissa grins) Now, you can choose a Karma Card between these ten.

Melissa: I’m choosing number 10, Jeff. (takes the card)

Probst: Who are you giving it to?

Melissa: Aishia. 

Aishia rolls her eyes and takes the card.

Probst: Aishia, you can now read what your disadvantage is.

Aishia (reading): “The disadvantage is Automatic Sitout! If a person is given this card, they must sit out at the next immunity challenge their tribe is participating in.” Ugh...

Probst: This means Aishia, you will sit out at the next challenge. Melissa, you can now pick which tribe you want to be in.

Melissa: I’m picking Hara.

Probst: Alright, here’s your buff. (throws Hara buff to Melissa) Congratulations Hara, you have a new tribemate!

Melissa puts on her new buff and joins her new tribe, who all seem more than happy.

Probst: You guys can head back to camp.

One World Camp Edit

The tribes arrive to camp, where we can see Melissa getting congratulated by her new tribemates. The camera zooms in on Aishia watching them.

AishiaIndiaRI Melissa coming back is not ideal at all. I literally just backstabbed her and voted her out, and I’m regretting my decision now that she’s back! I just could not trust her and now she’s definitely gonna gun for me, and I don’t feel safe at all.”

We can then see Danielle and Melissa in a secluded part of the camp. 

Danielle: Congrats again! (hugs her)

Melissa (hugs her): Thank you! 

Danielle: I wanna ask you how it was, but I’m guessing it wasn’t good. (chuckles)

Melissa (nodding): Yeah, but I’m pumped to be back, especially on you guys’ tribe. You definitely seem more trustworthy than Aishia and Tyler.

Danielle: Well, I’m glad to hear that. (giggles)

DanielleIndiaRI I felt really bad when Melissa got voted out. She aligned with Aishia and Tyler and for Melissa to trust them and then get immediately backstabbed...I dunno, I'd get a little ticked off too. It definitely makes me trust Aishia even less than I do now that I know she's fine with lying, but that trust was dwindling anyway because of the whole cross-tribal thing. I definitely feel like I can trust Melissa though, she seems very honest and that’s what I value in this game.”

Danielle: I’m happy you’re back. I can assure you you’re safe with us. (smiles)

Melissa: Good. I’m hoping I can trust you.

Danielle: You sure can!

The two women fist-bump as the camera focuses on Melissa.

MelIndiaRI I feel like I can trust Danielle. She seems trustworthy and honest, and it’s a pretty rare thing to find in this game. I don’t do all that lying and going behind each other’s backs stuff like Aishia. I’m a straightforward person and Danielle seems to be the same so I definitely wanna work with her.”

The scene switches to the Shakti camp, where Dylan is seen cooking some rice. He looks at Gregory laying in the shelter and shakes his head. 

DylanIndiaRI I actually feel that my head is on the chopping block. I just hope being part of the immortal Hara keeps me in the game, but I have to make an alliance to keep me safe. Gregory is an obvious choice to go because he doesn’t do much around camp and he’s weak in challenges. An easy second choice would be Caleb because he’s already been voted out.”

The scene switches to Dylan and Grahame trying to spear snails on the rocks.

Grahame: I got one! (chuckles)

Dylan: Awesome!

The two high five, as Dylan changes the subject.

Dylan: How would you feel about an alliance between us two and Bryce? 

Grahame: That sounds great actually. I’m down.

Dylan (grinning): Great!

GrahameIndiaRI I'm in a very interestin' position on my tribe right now, and I feel like I'm kind of the swing vote. Now I know that usually sayin' that is basically committin' Survivor suicide, but by the looks of things, I'm in a pretty safe spot. Bryce and I have been asked to join an alliance with both Caleb and Dylan, and with a Double Tribal Council likely approachin', we can only pick one of them to side with.”

We can now see Bryce and Grahame having a chat in the woods.

Grahame: So Bryce, Dylan approached me and wanted to form a majority alliance with you, me and him. I just wanted to hear your thoughts.

Bryce: I'm definitely willing to make that a thing. As long as you and I stick together, we're golden.

Grahame (nodding): I agree completely.

BryceIndiaRI Grahame approached Dylan with the idea of making a majority alliance consisting of the three of us. That is not an idea I'm opposed to - it wouldn't be the first time that I've turned my back on Caleb. As long as I don't have to align with Gregory, I'm good. (smirks)”

A shot of Gregory napping is shown, as the screen fades away.

Day 14Edit

One World Camp Edit

A shot of Danielle and Ryan walking together is shown. We can then see them arriving at the well.

Ryan: I was thinking about the cross tribal alliance and I think that we should create a counter alliance to fight them. What do you think?

Danielle: Oh, you know I’m down. (giggles) Who would you want in it?

Ryan: Well, obviously Timmy since he voted with us and isn’t part of the other alliance. 

Danielle: Agreed. Maybe Melissa? I think we could pull her in.

Ryan: Yeah, what do you think about Caleb or Tamsyn?

Danielle: I'd pick Caleb over Tamsyn any day. Maybe I could bring in Tyler too, I'm on pretty good terms with him.

Ryan: Sounds like we have six! (smiles)

SamiIndiaRI I came up with a plan to make a second cross-tribal alliance with all the nice people in it who I could probably beat in the final 3, like Danielle, and Tyler, and Melissa, Caleb and Timmy! With this new alliance, I plan to be the mole, giving my real alliance insight about the other cross-tribal alliance. I’m just sick of the other group, scheming and thinking I don’t notice it. I’m gonna be the new ruler now, the throne is mine. (smirks)”

The scene changes to Danielle, Ryan and Timmy being in the water.

Danielle: How do you feel about Mel?

Timmy: She’s scary but she’s the strongest person here.

Ryan: Yeah, how would you feel about working with her?

Timmy: I’d be down, I’d rather have her with me than against me. (chuckles)

TimmyIndiaRI Emilee was throwing my name last tribal, and Danielle and Ryan saved me so I trust them and wanna work with them. Melissa is kinda scary in a pitbull way but if they trust her, then I trust her too.”

The scene then changes to Ryan, Danielle and Melissa talking in the woods.

Ryan: How would you feel about an alliance between us three and Timmy?

Melissa: I’m down with that. I trust you two, so I don’t really care about anyone else.

Danielle laughs at that comment, while Melissa’s face stays stoic.

MelIndiaRI I trust Danielle, and I’ve been working with Ryan since the beginning so obviously I’m down to work with them. Timmy seems okay, but I only really trust Danielle and Ryan. It feels nice to finally have people who have your back in this game.”

Danielle is seen taking a sip out of her water.

DanielleIndiaRI Since the beginning I've always had this strange pull towards working with Mel, and now that I'm actually in a position to do so, it feels great. I made sure to push to get her into this new cross tribal alliance Ryan and I are forming, and now that I step back, I'm happy at how things are going along. So far we have what I feel like is a pretty solid foursome in Ryan, Mel, Timmy and I, and I see potential in bringing in people like Tyler or Caleb. So I feel great! (grins)”

A shot of a bird flying away is shown as Tamsyn sits next to Grahame on the beach.

Grahame: Hey, how are you?

Tamsyn: I’m unhappy that Hanna's gone.

Grahame: Yeah same, it sucks that she's out, us two have to stick together.

Tamsyn: Yeah, together 'till the end mate. (fist bumps)

TamsynIndiaRI Now that Hanna is gone, my only ally left is Grahame. It’s been us two together since Day 1 and hopefully we can take it to Day 39. He’s the only one I trust in this game and we need to get some of these bigger threats out.”

Grahame: So what's goin' on over on your tribe? Do you think you're in a good position?

Tamsyn: I've latched onto Dreamer because she's very alone in this game, plus Aishia and Tyler are a pair, so I have no choice but to align myself with her. That's why I was dead set on saving her. 

Grahame (nodding): Right, makes sense. My tribe is a bit all over the place.

Tamsyn (surprised): Oh, have you got any allies?

Grahame: I think I've managed to get Bryce on my side so hopefully we can get whoever we want out.

Tamsyn: I'd say get Dylan out since he’s from original Hara and those guys haven’t lost anyone. 

Grahame: That’s a good idea. I'm hopin' that we send Dylan and Greg home, and try to get Caleb with us.

GrahameIndiaRI I had a very interestin' conversation with Tamsyn, and it made me realise that the Hara "army" is gettin' stronger and stronger by the minute. I mean, all six of their original members are yet to be voted out, which is a scary thing to think about. I know that I feel close to people like Danielle, and Aishia and Emilee to an extent but I'm begginin' to think that maybe I might need to take them out sooner than later. If one thing's for sure, votin' Dylan out is becomin' even more temptin', and if we go to Tribal Council soon, hopefully I'll be able to send him packin'.”

A shot of Dylan walking by is shown, as the screen fades away.

Day 15Edit

Immunity Challenge Edit

  • Bryce and Dylan sit out for Shakti while Ryan and Emilee sit out for Hara, Aishia is forced to sit out for Aatma
  • Dreamer and Timmy both have trouble retrieving water and tossing it to Tamsyn and Melissa respectively
  • Caleb gets the hang of it pretty quickly and Grahame is good at receiving it 
  • Shakti is the first tribe to release their ball, allowing Gregory to start on the maze
  • Aatma is the second tribe to release their ball, allowing Tyler to start on the maze
  • They both have trouble with the maze
  • Hara finally release their ball, allowing Danielle to start on the maze 
  • She quickly catches up on the two men, but it’s neck and neck…
  • …until Danielle figures it out and lets the ball out, giving Hara the win.


The Hara tribe celebrates, Melissa and Ryan even more, as this is the first time they win immunity.

Probst: Shakti, you guys will vote out two people tonight because of the disadvantage Bryce gave you. 

Probst then gives the Immunity Idol and the reward to the winning tribe, and then sends them back to camp.

One World Camp Edit

A shot of the three tribes coming back is shown, as the cameras focus on the Aatma tribe settling in. Dreamer is seen sighing and sitting down in the shelter.

DreamorIndiaRI Well, if I said I didn't try I would be lying, but Tyler was pathetic in that challenge, and I swear, I'm going to vote him off, go back to your lover, Tyler!”

The cameras now show Aishia and Tyler having a conversation in the woods.

Aishia: Who are we thinking tonight?

Tyler: I think Dreamer. She’s the weakest and we can’t trust her.

Aishia (unsure): Yeah…

TylerIndiaRI The vote tonight seems pretty simple. Dreamer’s the weakest and she’s been a wildcard since the beginning of this game. No one can trust her, so the vote should be unanimous against her.”

The scene then switches to Tamsyn and Dreamer speaking in the shelter.

Dreamer: Tyler needs to go.

Tamsyn: Agreed. He’s the bigger threat but I’m worried Aishia won’t turn on him.

Dreamer: Well you need to convince her then!

Tamsyn nods.

TamsynIndiaRI I’d love for Tyler to go tonight. Not only did he suck in today’s challenge but he’s also a threat, and with the merge possibly coming up sooner than later, I don’t want him around. I’m just worried that Aishia’s too tight with him, and I don’t want the vote to tie so I have to convince her to flip.”

Aishia is seen walking up to Tamsyn in the middle of camp. 

Aishia (nervous): Hey.

Tamsyn (smiling): Hey! Who are we voting?

Aishia: I don't know, that's what I came here to talk to you about.

Tamsyn: Well, I like Tyler but he didn't help in the challenge at all.

Aishia: You think? Hmm, that's a possibility. At this point I'm just doing anything that isn't me, so I’d be down.

Tamsyn: Well I definitely feel like I can trust you the most out of everyone on this tribe. 

Aishia (nervously): I just hope you know I can pull my weight in challenges and I'm an asset especially moving forward on a tribe of three, and I hope you can keep me for that. Cause I helped win three challenges on Hara... like, I’m in no way weak, you know?

Tamsyn: I'm definitely not going to vote for you! I trust you and I know you are an amazing asset in challenges. 

Aishia (calming down): Awesome, awesome. Same here. You are someone I really feel like working with moving forward. 

Tamsyn: Cool. I feel like me and you are definitely going to be the people that can win challenges. 

Aishia: Yeah, okay… I just am nervous I'm going to get blindsided.

Tamsyn: You're not! 

Aishia (unsure): Alright, that's reassuring. I'll vote him. (smiles)

AishiaIndiaRI I’m so paranoid for tonight. I have no idea if Tamsyn and Tyler are feeding me a bunch of BS and if they’re actually planning to blindside me. I mean, I’m a threat so it could totally happen! I’ve been working with Tyler so I don’t wanna vote him out, but if it's him or me tonight then maybe I should! But Tamsyn could be lying to me too and trying to trick me into voting him so I have no idea what to do… (sighs) This game is testing me.”

The scenery now changes to the Shakti camp, where Gregory is sitting close to the firepit and observing his tribemates.

GregoryIndiaRI I feel in danger for tonight, none of these people have talked game with me and I basically cost us the win today. Right now, my only hope is to vote against Bryce and for other people to realize that he’s a snake who needs to go.”

We can then see that Gregory and Caleb are not in camp anymore, leaving Bryce, Dylan and Grahame to chat.

Grahame: Okay, so there's been talk about us three stickin' together, so I just wanted to confirm it. (smiles)

Bryce: Yeah, I’m down. Gregory is the first easy vote, right?

Dylan: Yeah, but we have to worry about the second vote.

Grahame: Are we all votin' for Caleb or what?

Bryce: I mean, we have to. He’s not a part of this.

Dylan nods.

DylanIndiaRI This tribe went into a black hole when Bryce gave the Karma Card to Greg. His own downfall. So tonight is double tribal for us, I am voting for people who are losing challenges and people that are weak. In this case, it has to be Greg and Caleb.”

We can now see Bryce, Caleb and Grahame talking on the beach.

Caleb: So, it’s Greg then Dylan right?

Grahame nods.

Bryce: Yep, that’s the plan.

CalebIndiaRI Tonight, we’re gonna have to vote out two people and it’s gonna be pretty easy. First, we’ll vote out Greg because he’s the weakest, then we’ll do Dylan because he’s part of original Hara and they haven’t lost any members. Sorry to Dylan but es la vida!”

The scene then switches to Bryce and Grahame talking at the well.

Grahame: Who do you want to vote out on the second vote, Caleb or Dylan?

Bryce: I don't know, honestly. Caleb is good for challenges. But, he is a big threat. Dylan however is no good in challenges, but he does not pose a threat, strategy-wise.

Grahame: Why is Caleb a threat?

Bryce (lying): He had alliances with everyone.

Grahame: Wow okay, I didn't know that.

Bryce: Yeah, he was too sneaky for our liking.

Grahame: My only fear is that if we keep Dylan, we'll lose the next challenge and have to vote him out any way. Plus, Caleb has a better chance of coming back from Reincarnation Island.

Bryce (nodding): True.

Grahame: Another thing to consider, if we vote Caleb out, all six original Hara tribe members will still be in the game.

Bryce: That is true. I have no idea if it was all kumbaya over there and if they would stick together in the event of a merge.

BryceIndiaRI You know, it really sucks having to vote two people out tonight. However, Grahame and I are tight, so I have nothing to worry about. Granted, I am getting a bit cocky as Survivor is the game that never stops moving, but I think that I am sitting pretty. If we vote Greg out first, then Caleb or Dylan, I am golden. However, Grahame and I can't decide on Caleb or Dylan. Dylan is an original Hara and we desperately need to start shooting down their numbers. However, we don't have to worry about him trying to make any moves. Caleb is great for the challenges, but he does seem really strategic. We're in a giant pickle!”

Grahame: But I completely understand that you and Caleb have some history since you voted him out and everythin'.

Bryce: He voted me as well, which makes me a bit peeved. He is an individual immunity threat too.

Grahame: So, we're voting Caleb out?

Bryce: Honestly, I think it may be best. 

Grahame: I'm fine with votin' him out. 

GrahameIndiaRI I was all ready to vote Dylan out but Bryce seems really adamant about needin' Caleb to go and I don't want to fight him on it. I'm kinda aligned with Caleb but he’s made some questionable decisions in the past like choosin’ not to join Aatma after he got voted out, so hopefully this doesn't come back to bite me but as long as Dylan doesn't turn on me at like the very next vote, I think I can live with the decision. Hopefully a merge is comin' up soon because havin' three people on a tribe is not my definition of ideal. ”

Bryce: Okay, I think we’re set then.

Grahame: Yep.

The camera zooms in on Bryce, showing the smirk on his face.

BryceIndiaRI Grahame and I came to a decision and we figured out Caleb needed to go tonight. But that sounds boring to me, so I’m actually gonna throw my vote on Dylan to make it a tie and we’ll see what happens! (smirks) Survivor is so fun and I don’t want any boring votes, I wanna see shocked faces and I think we’ll see plenty tonight. (cackles)”

Grahame: Alright, Caleb it is. Let’s go back to camp.

As the two men leave the well, the camera zooms in on the bushes, revealing that Caleb has been listening to them. He shakes his head and decides to come back to camp as well.

CalebIndiaRI I’m shocked. I thought I was good with Bryce and Grahame but obviously I’m not! They’ve placed themselves as the swing votes between Dylan and I and now they’re planning to vote me out! Bryce already voted me out before and I was willing to give him a second chance, but he took it and squashed it. He’s dead to me and I want him gone.”

We can now see Caleb approach Dylan in the middle of the woods.

Caleb: Bryce and Grahame have been throwing your name to me, and I’m pretty sure they’ve been telling you my name, right?

Dylan (confused): Uh… yeah?

Caleb: They’re liars! They aligned with me only to throw me under the bus! I’m voting Bryce tonight because he’s a snake and you’re free to join.

Dylan seems shocked, as the camera zooms in on his face.

DylanIndiaRI Everything has been turned on its head in a matter of a few minutes and I'm really confused. I thought Bryce and Grahame were gonna vote with me against Caleb but apparently they’ve been telling the same thing to him! I don’t know if he’s lying to save himself but he does seem trustful. I don’t know what to do, I’m a loyal person so I want to stick with my allies but if they’ve been throwing me under the bus, then what’s the point?”

We can see the two tribes gathering their stuff and heading to tribal council, as the sun sets in the background.

Tribal Council 1 Edit

We can see Aatma arriving at Tribal Council, sitting in front of the host.

Probst: Tamsyn, you have been to every Tribal Council since the beginning of the game, how are you feeling?

Tamsyn: Well, it’s been very hard Jeff, but at least I’m getting used to the game and I think I have a pretty good handle on what the dynamics are. 

Probst: Dreamer, what are you basing your vote on tonight?

Dreamer: On physical prowess. Someone made us lose the challenge today and they should be voted out.

Tyler rolls his eyes.

Probst: Tyler, you had a big reaction.

Tyler: Yeah, because she’s talking about me. I wasn’t the best but I feel like I’ve proved my strength in other challenges unlike Dreamer who hasn’t been good at all. 

Dreamer: That’s not true! You have negative brain points Tyler and you should go tonight, not me.

Tyler shakes his head.

Probst: Aishia, what are you thinking about all of this?

Aishia: I don’t know. Tonight’s vote could be about who’s the weakest but people are playing harder than this, so I feel like someone could be blindsided tonight, and I’m scared. 

Probst: Alright, it is time to vote. Tyler, you’re up.

No voting confessionals are shown.

Probst: I’ll go tally the votes.

As the host goes to take the urn, Aishia watches on nervously.

Probst: If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

No one stands.

Probst: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes. First vote…


Tyler nods, expecting a vote.

DREAMER. (1-1)

Dreamer rolls her eyes as Tamsyn watches on.

TYLER. (2-1)

Tyler is starting to get nervous, while Aishia shuts her eyes.

Ninth person voted out of Survivor: India… Tyler.

Tyler whispers “wow” and shakes his head, as Aishia lets out a sigh.

Probst: You need to bring me your torch.

Tamsyn nods, while Dreamer smirks. 

Probst: Tyler, the tribe has spoken. Take your torch and head to Reincarnation Island.

Tyler does just that, not saying anything to his castmates.

Probst: You voted off the person who didn't help in the challenge, will this finally help this tribe to win? You can head back to camp, goodnight.

The Aatma tribe leaves, as the Shakti tribe arrives.

Tribal Council 2 Edit

The Shakti tribe arrives, Grahame, Bryce, Caleb and Gregory sit directly. 

Probst: For those of you who don’t have a torch, grab one, dip it in and get fire. This is part of the ritual of Tribal Council because in this game, fire represents your life, when your fire’s gone, so are you.

Dylan lits up his torch, then sits down next to the other men.

Probst: You guys will vote out two people tonight. Gregory, how do you feel about this?

Gregory: I don’t feel safe at all, and I don’t see why. I mean, Bryce is the one who gave us the disadvantage and is the reason why we have to vote two people out tonight.

Bryce: Okay, wait. I’m not the one who doesn’t do crap around camp and made us lose today.

Gregory: Well at least I’m not a snake!

Caleb nods at this.

Bryce: How am I a snake? You’re the one who betrayed me!

Dylan seems surprised by this exchange.

Probst: So, there is obvious tension between those two. Grahame, it could be easy and you guys could vote out those two tonight.

Grahame: We could, Jeff. But Survivor is never that simple. Alliances have been made and we have to make choices tonight.

Caleb shakes his head.

Probst: Caleb, you have been voted out before, how do you make sure it does not happen again?

Caleb: Well, like Grahame said, you have to make alliances and try to find loyal people. But I’ve only known these people for two weeks, I don’t know if any of them are trustworthy. (shrugs)

Bryce smirks.

Probst: Dylan, what is your criteria for the vote tonight?

Dylan: I’m trying to set myself for the merge and try to have the best people by my side. We need to vote out the weak but also the people we cannot trust.

Probst: And with that, it is time to vote. Grahame, you’re up.

No voting confessionals are shown.

Probst: I’ll go tally the votes.

Gregory seems nervous as he watches the host.

Probst: If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

No one stands.

Probst: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes. First vote…


Bryce smirks, feeling safe.

GREGORY. (1-1)

Gregory nods, expecting this.

GREG. (2-1)

Gregory exhales, seeming pretty nervous.

Tenth person voted out of Survivor: India… Gregory.

Gregory nods, as he grabs his bag and stands up. Bryce is happy the vote went his way.

Probst: That’s three, that’s enough. I need you to bring me your torch.

Caleb watches Gregory making his way to the host, feeling nervous about the second vote.

Probst: Gregory, the tribe has spoken. Take your torch and head to Reincarnation Island.

Gregory does just that.

Probst: This was your first vote, now you're going to have to vote for a second person. Grahame, you’re up.

DylanIndiaRI (vote not shown) You disappoint me the most.”

Probst: I’ll go tally the votes.

Bryce seems confident as he watches the host.

Probst: If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

No one stands.

Probst: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes. First vote…


Caleb shakes his head, as Grahame seems to be feeling guilty.

DYLAN. (1-1)

Dylan seems surprised, as he looks at Caleb, who also doesn’t know what’s going on.

BRYCE. (1-1-1)

Bryce’s expression shifts to worry, as he did not expect that. Grahame also seems to be confused.

Eleventh person voted out of Survivor: India…


Bryce’s jaw drops, as Grahame is shocked.

Probst: I need you to bring me your torch.

Bryce (standing up): What the hell...

Caleb smiles as Dylan nods, confident in his decision. 

Probst: Bryce, the tribe has spoken. Take your torch and head to Reincarnation Island.

Bryce does just that, seeming defeated.

Probst: This was a really messy vote, and more than one person seemed to be blindsided, will you be able to recover after this? You can head back to camp.

Grahame shakes his head, as he and his two tribemates grab their things and head back to camp. 

Tribal Council - AatmaEdit

Tribal Council #5:
Tyler (3 votes)
Aishia, Tamsyn, Dreamer
Dreamer (1 votes)
Sent to Reincarnation Island:
Tyler Bernstein

Tribal Council - ShaktiEdit

Tribal Council #5:
First Vote
Gregory (4 votes)
Grahame, Caleb, Dylan, Bryce
Bryce (1 vote)
Second Vote
Bryce (2 votes)
Caleb, Dylan
Caleb (1 vote)
Dylan (1 vote)
Sent to Reincarnation Island:
Gregory Wheeler
Bryce Bricington


Final WordsEdit

HannaIndiaRI This experience was great. It was awful getting voted out and losing control, but I survived! It showed me that I can let go a little bit and I shouldn’t be afraid of that. I’m leaving this game a new woman and maybe this is more worth it than a million dollars… or maybe not. (giggles)”

Still in the RunningEdit


Next Time on Survivor...Edit

Author's NotesEdit

  • In the ORG, Tyler, Bryce and Gregory all self-voted while Caleb voted Dylan, so I had to switch up some votes and create storylines to make it realistic.
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